Sunday, May 26, 2013

External or Internal

With respect to food, are we each externally regulated or internally regulated? If we had no problem with our food regulation, we would not need to know. The OA program works well for those who can accept  external control, and have learned to live with it and work it. Those that can accept 301 and never question or deviate from that are externally controlled by a set plan. Good for them.

Some of us though, cannot accept external control, due to our very nature, and that is not going to change. We need to understand and develop the ability to go along with our nature, and develop internal control. The result will likely be the same, 301. But the mental process is different, and we internal controlled persons must go through the process, and learn to be internally controlled at the proper food intake level.

So I need to learn to be an internally controlled person, driven by self motivation, at the proper moment before excess consumption has occurred, food craving, urges, and the like.

It is a cycle, ever expanding, as the process goes. It starts with a natural hunger for food, to the act of eating, to wanting more, and if I choose to eat more, the wanting more cycle carries on to obesity and death. I think at a single sitting, I could eat myself to death. Or I can choose, at the first want more to apply any one of many techniques of cutting off that more-craving-urge and continue with my day.

I am Fred, and I have a behavioural addiction with food, and for today, I choose to not use.

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