Friday, May 31, 2013


A discussion with a member dipping into the FA program, brought about this post.

I am doing similar, however, with the SMART program. (Ref: It is a non 12 step group, with a brutally and effective methods, not for the faint of heart, and not adapted specifically for food-eating issues. Two meetings plus their book (and web site) has changed me more than a long time in OA. But, OA offers a softer highly social approach. The SMART modules on understanding the addiction, motivation, urge control/dissipation, life problem resolution, were effective. I think we  each need to look around and explore, learn, and take what works. Exploring does not prevent sponsoring. We all have different approaches, at different stage of recovery, and we need to keep searching until we find a solution, and not close any doors.

As you will note in my closing, I am no longer calling myself a compulsive overeater, as my current struggle - problem - issue is impulse related, not a compulsion. I also have a compulsion and a chemical issue (No SGO6EEH),  but the impulse issue is the worst currently. The SMART cost benefit time analysis has brought me around to a losing abstinence again, but I would not be able to maintain it without the habits I developed in OA. Ultimately, I think that none of the programs have the total solution. I need a total solution, so I will keep exploring until I build myself one.

The biggest single effect has been shifting my attitude form wanting to lose weight to wanting not to eat. How about that?

I think that food knowledge is also important, but difficult to obtain. There is much discussion on calories, low fat, and many irrelevant and even wrong topics. What we must do is eat a food plan that we can stay on, for life, that allows fat out of the fat cells for bio-available energy, and does not slow our metabolism.

I would not sponsor without taking anyone through the cost benefit time analysis, as motivation is so important.

 I am Fred, and I have a behavioral addiction condition, and for today, I choose to not use and live in recovery.
food plan- 301, 19th century, only traces of SGO6EEH, No processed foods, no acellular carbohydrates.

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