Monday, May 27, 2013

Want and Aligning our Will

We want to be thin and we want to eat what and when we like. Cognitive dissonance or what? We have two mutually exclusive wants.  We must make a choice, and decide to align our will one way or the other.

After we eat our mind says more? We have a opportunity to make a decision, use, do not use, or defer making the decision for a while. Doing nothing is also a solution, but that is just deferring the  question and hoping it will go away. If we choose to use, the more grows to a craving to a want, the terrible 2 year old, jumping up and down, screeching "more, more". We still have a choice, use, don't use, or defer.  Ultimately, we must take internal control and say NO if we want to recover to health. The other choice is to use, and die. Here is where I have a difficulty with those who do not like the diet, for they have a choice, do it or die. I need to align my will with the proper amount of good food. QED.

But to who's will are we aligning our will to? It is with reason, assuming we want a healthy body and mind, going forward from here. This ends cognitive dissonance on this point: it is a simple decision: use or don't use.

I am Fred and I have a behavioural addiction, and for today, I choose to not use.

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