Saturday, May 11, 2013

Victim or Willing participant

There are no adult victims, just willing participants. As adults, we need to take responsibility for our lives. We may need to make uncomfortable decisions, and live with the consequences. We need to make our own way in the world, and step out from under the shadow of out family, and their rules and conditions.

One of the old Stoics said something like god (logos - nature's laws) only guarantee parents,  not good parents or even present parents. Once we become adults, we need to learn to run our own lives, with whatever help we can fined. We may require mentors that know how to recover from the issues we face, AA and OA program is one place to find such people, but be aware of the god concept may be a handy-cap to finding the truth.

From this starting point, we can study, learn and clean each concept, one at a time. Through out or start replacing each damaged concept, or replace with a better on more true concept one at a time.

Overeating is not a moral issue, although the 12 step philosophy has us doing a searching and fearless moral inventory, suggesting it is a moral problem. Moral issues may be contributing factors, and with some work, perhaps, we can use a rigid moral code to overcome an instinct gone awry. A strong commitment to a way of life that corrects the problem usually a good thing anyway.

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