Thursday, August 15, 2013

Faith, the Secret Weapon

Does faith alone, regardless of what that faith is in, protect against addiction, and relapse?

Faith is a blind and strong adoption of some principal. It is easy to see that some principal -- Thou shalt not eat processed food.-- or --Thou shalt eat three time each day, no more, no less. --- can have a strong influence on lifestyle. Now if we never question that faith, and keep the faith up, religiously, scaredly even, holding to that view and action, then recover will happen. It is the act of faith, rigidly holding the belief and action that produces recovery.

Now many of us had religion drilled into us, but little in the line of education as to why it is necessary. Today, it may not be necessary, but it would have been in short life expectancy periods of development. It is the quick way of learning proper behavior ( or just a strongly held opinion) , before we have developed the capacity of making good decisions. Religion should be the sum of good behavior, but it has become the sum up to the point it became fixed, not necessarily good.

Faith, moderated by reason, should be the norm. But if faith alone is used, and the parental behavior is obviously wrong, faith will be ditched by some of the offspring. Now what? Life as a hedonic based person? Answering to the excessive call of nature and Yetties, eat, eat, eat. I use Yetties as the the word for Polish grandmother, Yets, yets, yets (eat, eat, eat).

Now to find relief:  faith in the correctness of good logic and knowing that faith in ourselves, science and logic can find an answer, even when that answer is really just faith. Circular logic, but that may be the answer, short term. It may be the availability of food, and our genetic programing in a time of excess that is the problem, and faith that gets us through the problem.

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