Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Should Believe vs Believe

The government and others in authority keep trying to tell us what we should believe. Carbohydrate diets are good for us. Equal opportunity. No racism, even if the only thing those people do are lay around and collect welfare. So now where is what we are told to believe, and what we actually believe.

So gay are gay and married, color and white intermarry, and the children grow up in a living hell, in neither culture, and we all smile and have our silent beliefs and know the government position.

We see cops looking to shoot someone, with their guns in hand at every traffic stop, and a young lippy doctor from down the road got beaten. (with me, an old bearded codger in Alberta). The young gaffer who has not figured out that they are looking for any opportunity to shoot, and had a knife in hand. The cops only know increasing force, and are looking for any opportunity to use violence. Be aware. They are out of control. Do not resist, else you will be damaged. Keep silent, or you will be next.

Then they say we must comply with all their dictates. French, immigration policy, preferential government hiring in terms of visible minorities, gay, interracial, Speed tax, (if it were a safety issue, they would be watching where the accidents occur).

Now it is up to us to understand that we are the most important person in our lives, and we must know what is right, and do right. At the same time we must provide lip service to what the government says, even when they are wrong. Avoid all processed foods. People are not rational, only a small number are rational which includes sociopaths, and OCD personality disorders. The remainder are a mix, small amount rational, but often controlled by their agenda, or emotion, greed, hurry, animal instincts, or lizard brain.

For those of us who are controlled by our lizard brain, the primal part of our brains, with some logical- intellectual input, now we need to learn to get ourselves to do the logical things - such as to follow a reasonable food program, but without setting off the primal part. I do have free volition - the ability to go away, more so than free will.

End of rant, but then what do I know?   And today, I can hardly write.    Also note :

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