Monday, August 12, 2013

I am what I am

This post is all a about the I for I am what I am. I am trying to suppress ego, and at the same time not crush my self-esteem, for I am the most important person to myself. This is self preservation, knowing that I am primary, and must look after myself, no one else will, infact, they work against my best interests.  Self preservation is a basic instinct, as is attachment and authenticity.

Attachment can vary widely in strength as adults, from zero of the  sociopath or the negative of the recluse, to high of those who cannot stand to be alone.  I am a low attachment person, but not recluse. A few hours per week is enough human contact, beyond wife, which is minimal contact. How does all this tie together?

Authenticity is basically knowing who and what we are, which changes with time. Now we partly rational animals can choose to live within a set of virtues, beliefs, values, and if we clearly understand these and know these, we can live well, happily, and at the same time, know where we are likely to end up. Knowing our virtues, our beliefs and values takes self reflection and study and/or adopting virtues. But the important part is knowing them intellectually, in order that we can use these values for adjusting our decisions.

We may not have free will (with respect to food) but we likely have free violation, that is we can go away from the food when it is calling. The craving may be a natural phenomena, and the only solution may be to keep moving, where food is not available and in front of us, if we are unable to remove the cause of the cravings. It may be self preservation, and virtue that keeps us moving to our ultimate final goal in life and toward the end.    We also have a choice of early termination.

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