Monday, August 19, 2013

The Original Sin

Eve was the first recorded overeater; she took the apple. I am non-religious, not anti religions, and certainly not christian. I prefer a magpie approach, pick the shiney bits, and leave the rest. I do beleive that the concept of the original sin is wrong, not a shiney bit. Eve caved to temptation, or was it greed or envy, I do not remember what the old preacher said, but I think the original sin was pushing the apple at Eve. Had the Christians defined sin as pushing products rather than the weakness of needing or accepting produces, we would not have the issue of obesity today. Today, I choose to define sin, or lack of virtue as pushing food on others. I will not cook for other beyond family, and will not offer that which I do not think it is proper to eat, either quality or quantity.

Note that they, christians, defined accepting a product to fill a physiological need as sin. Their concept of god created the need for food, and accepting a solution, food, is sin... not rational, I think. Just like computer virus companies today.

So is the original evil to offer food to others? So what happened to do no evil?

This simple change in philosophy would destroy the advertising industry, or at least beyond a low pressure offering of there products. It would also change the way sales are conducted, it would be on the effort of the buyer to find products, that would likely be produced on demand, not ready for purchase. Middle quality, rational supply, Custom built if you prefer. We would need to order groceries ahead, not make the choice at the store or refrigerator. Is there room for an empty fridge diet? Or perhaps the only freshly cooked food diet.

Oh, well, are philosophy and definitions necessary in our life today?  

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