Friday, September 6, 2013

Belief System Clean Up

I have had expended family up the ying yang for ten days, and on and off all summer. Enough already. Back to reality.

Along the way, I need to clean out my belief system. The range of possible choices is limited by our belief system, which is to some extent, is set by our ideology of origin, and is then modified by our lives. For example, if our belief system says: it is wrong to eat between meals; the idea of eating between meals is placed off limits, aka just not acceptable, and we are not likely to eat. Same with "not considering acellular carbohydrates as food"; there is less temptation to eat them, until some "grannie food pusher, aka temptress" comes along.

Eve and original sin is a concept, but the original evil is producing and pushing acellular carbohydrate as food. Anyone in a idology gives up free will, so why not use that to our advantage. It is just wrong to eat acellular carbohydrate, it is evil to offer it, to push its use, and the like. The whole concept of sin, aka, not adhering to arbitrary rule, in itself suspect. If the rule has a known purpose, perhaps it is ok. But then abstinence is a arbitrary rule to reduce or eliminate craving for some foods, and when I slip, the cravings come back severely, so there is a arbitrary rule with a purpose.

Emotional growth is the process of letting go of negative emotions and cling more strongly to positive emotions, that is positive for my life, not necessarily positive for other's lives. You may not like what I say but Oh well. One of the process of change is venting or dramatic relief. But change is made difficult by the continual temptations of food pushers. Until we, as a society, or as a subset of society, over come this, the obesity problem will continue.  

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