Monday, September 16, 2013

Remote Sponsor

I have been asked to serve as a remote sponsor.
Here is the warning that I sent as a response.
I beleive that it is only fair to warn anyone what I have done,
as part of my program of recovery.

I must warn you that I do (and have done)
other things as part of my recovery,
and may stray beyond the program.

In addition, I am a non-thesis, so that I twist the program to fit,
but still use the same processes as the basic of my 
program of recovery,
plus a few more.

There has been fifty years of research since the 
program was developed,
and many things have been learned, or proved, and more suspected.
Some of these things are useful, and some
contradict typically held knowledge, beliefs, and values.

For me, recovery has been a learning process,
sorting what works, from that which does not work
what is real from what is not or less real,
what I believe from public myths and fiction.

It is said that this program has three parts, 
physical, emotional, and spiritual.
I look at is as more, including knowledge about food, 
physiology, philosophy, psychology, behavior, feeling, 
thinking, and much more.

With this program as my core thinking system,
I have been able to let go of in excess of 50 kg,
and maintain that loss for a number of years.
Along the way I have changed considerably in behaviors,
feelings, and thinking. (emotionally, spiritually, physically)

I have learned a bit about food addiction, behavioral addiction,
and learned behaviors, food knowledge, all of which contributed
to my recovery.

Welcome to the adventure.

I am aware that this is all a bit intense,
but for the first 20 years around the program,
all I did was the program, and that was really tough.
This is easier, but how ever you would like it,
all I can do is tell you what I tried, what worked, and what did not. 

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