Sunday, September 22, 2013



Today is the first day or the remainder of my life.
Death is looming on the horizon.

To that end, I, along with Epictetus,
will point out the blackest of vices,
lack of persistence, and lack of self-control.
But note that lack of self-control,
in stoic terms, is not quite the same
as modern - lack of self control.

Man's higher stoic nature is reason,
and as such, reason must control emotion.
That is not saying we do not feel emotion,
but rather, we do not assent to action,
as a result to feeling emotion.
Ah. What?

We have the choice to act or not.
We can chose to not act.
We can chose to eat or not.

Our personality is known to ourselves
and to other by our actions, not our thoughts.

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