Friday, September 27, 2013


Ultimately, we overeat because
we receive some benefit
from overeating, and we like
that effect we receive.
It is the warm fuzzy feeling that I like,
an alternative state of mind.

Hypofrontality is loosely defined
as a decline frontal lobe functioning 
and metabolism. It's 
one of the major brain changes
 caused by an addiction process.
Weakened self-control systems (hypofrontality), 
are overwhelmed by the cravings 
emanating from sensitized addiction pathways 
and a desensitized reward circuit

Characterised by:
low (no) social skills
low (no) impulse control
poor regulation of emotions

Learning emotional regulation
is part of the recommended treatment.  

Cost benefit analysis:

Benefit of the active addiction: 
-the warm fuzz feeling 
obtained by partaking.(short term)
-removal of the craving.(short term)

Cost: overweight, obesity.

Benefit of not using:
health, long term
The cost: 
the craving, (short term) if it goes away:
to date, the craving is occurring,
and not going away.

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