Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is it all palatability?

As noted in my other blog, I have been exploring palatability.

We meet a food or eating cue.

This is where our desires meets food. If our desire is greater than our rules and will to resist, eating will occur.

This is based on our ability to taste, and our desire to consume more after tasting, priming, or just a cue. But this is a individual sense, and the desire that sense creates. I knew a fellow who did not like ice cream, another who, even the smell of chocolate, would react in a negative fashion. They were both normal (BMI < 25 likely 20ish). Is it our ability to taste and then to desire that causes the problem?

There are spaces between the cue - - priming - - thinking - - desire - - and eating. Within these spaces is our ability to react, our ability to walk away, our ability to not consume hyperpalatable foods. Food chemistry may be in control, and it is just food chemistry.

We then produce or consume a {pick one or more} { dopamine, serotonin, endorphin, opioid, stimulus, relaxant}, we like it and want more, or not, and if available, we may go into the loop - feed back cycle, hypereating---, call it what ever. Conditioned hypereating, learned overeating pattern, compulsive overeating, but my problem is more of obsession that compulsion.

Where in the cycle gets started gives us the various disorders. Oh well, that is just my thoughts.

Spiritual / philosophical development is one answer, development of tranquility. Is there a quicker answer? The public want the quick solution, perhaps a spray to kill the taste buds.

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