Sunday, November 10, 2013

Moderation, the suckers game

Moderation of poison eating is not logical. Neither is consuming of some of the foods that drive us to eat more, overeat. It is chemical, eat and want more. Eat these processed food and have an intense desire, craving, grasping for more. This is the definition of powerlessness as in step 1. It is not logical to eat these, if we are trying to not overeat. It seems all those preaching moderation for food addicts, or other forms of conditioned hypereating, emotional stress relief eating (stress refeed) have food production backed funding. How about that?

So I went looking if the same holds true in the alcoholic world and guess what? It is, the moderation rehabilitation seem to be partly funded by the alcohol industry.

So what about weight watchers? owned by kraft? It works, as long as one is able to stay on the program. As our weight goes down, the amount of fat available for release becomes in short supply. Visceral fat is released 1.5 times faster than subcutaneous fat, and what happens when it is gone? The diet no longer satisfies, and we will overeat. It is high insulin producing diet, so soon you will abandon and be overeating, having entered the carbohydrate - high insulin - fat storage - leptin deficient due to insulin displacement - premature hunger - cycle. After you gain some visceral fat, you can again go back on the diet, and lose the visceral fat, but of course, each cycle yoyo will go higher, because the subcutaneous is not coming off as fast. Visceral results faster from fructose while subcutaneous requires more insulin and glucose. Kraft built customers, both gaining and losing.

And who owns Jenny Craig?

The simple solution is real food only, Primal, Paleo, LCHF, Low-carb Paleo, 19th Century Peasant, Real Food Plan, PHD, Mediterranean, or whatever.  No processed foods, sugars, flours, seed oils.

Added later:

Obesity is the result of chemical addiction to processed foods. Until you all understand and accept that, the problem will continue.
It is not just industry that produces processed foods. Grannies, good cooks, and food addicts all have the capacity.

We have the capacity, in the modern kitchen, to produce hyperpalatable foods. These are the problem. Just take flour, and flavor, sugar, seed oil. Or a bit of protein or fat, add wheat flour, sugar, flavors, fats, and what do we have? Hyperpalatable food.
The definition of hyperpalatable are foods that stimulate the desire for more... which is the definition of addictive foods.

But what do I know? Breath, smile and enjoy what life has to offer. Dao.

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