Friday, November 1, 2013

Understanding Overeating

OA's invitation to you says the cause is not important. That is crap. It is crucial to long term recovery. But not if you are a compulsive overeater. If you happen to be a food addict(chemical), obsession driven person with a food fixation, someone with a eating disorder, and emotional eater (stress, anxiety, boredom), a conditioned hypereater, or any of the myriad of other defined overeating conditions, or some combination, is OA for you?

Many of these conditions require some kind of community, to socialize in, that partly understands overeating to some extent, for recovery. OA can be such a place, but occasionally you (I) will find an individual who is insistent on the general and non understanding found in much of the literature. By non understanding I mean the attitude that OA as it stands is right, and science has not progressed in fifty years. We know this may be wrong, but it is the attitude of many of those in OA.

Perhaps it is time to start a fraternity of the obese and exobese that does not have the high washout rate of OA, and actually treats the real problem. The washout rate includes those who come for a look, but never stick around long enough to figure out the program, and what it has to offer. Many do not get any benefit, but then there are those who come for years, and never get much benefit also.

Or it it all just a issue with food chemistry?

Our first priority must be our own recovery, and then our maintenance, and then carrying the message, after we have received the benefits of the message.

The objective of this fraternity would need to be similar to that of OA but less dogmatic, less cultie, less clickie, more science, less religion, more understanding, and less about promise of a lifetime of meetings, and more about real recovery.

This is a open call to see if anyone else is interested in such an adventure. If you are, please respond. Just click on the "comment"s below and lets get a discussion going.

I am thinking that the first step should be a "book of tools: definitions, explanations of terms, ideas, concepts, descriptions, and solutions we have tried for each "what we have learned". "  I am not sure where it should go, but we need to start where we all are.  

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