Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Food Addiction 1 4 Hyperpalatable foods

Hyper palatable foods, as defined by David Kessler, The End of Overeating, are manufactured foods which one is too much and 100 are not enough. These are designed to meet our bliss point with fat, sugar, salt, flavoring, and leave us wanting more. These are not foods suitable to humans but for training addicts. For anyone looking for understanding food addiction, this book is a worthwhile read. The evil food scientists are killing off the human race for profits.

Any good cook knows how to do this with some food stuffs, and these we addicts must not eat. This often becomes a family - cultural - social - environmental thing. Keep in mind that addicts do not occur in isolation, we were trained to overeat. We "food addicts in recovery" may be the thin edge of the population static with respect to food addiction, but we are not alone in being addicted. Other addicts, not in recovery, will be pushing us to eat, out of group think, group do, call it proper, and all do it pear pressure. Mob mentality is really what it is. Society does not like individuals who are eccentric, or are free thinkers about some of these subjects.

We suffer from lack of satiety, and are unable to control our desire for intake after sampling some foods. We are often preoccupied with food thoughts. The alternative is to be occupied with something, diet, exercise, work, hobbies, whatever, but not food. The culture, our environment, society in general does not have our interests in there mind, rather they are out to sell us food, the evil bastards. Even grannies push food on us, likely as their way of doing for, regardless of whether we need it or want it, or are trying to avoid it. Then they act like they are offended when we tell them to FO. It is this mob characteristic of humans that cause much of the problem, the desire of 'do as I do', control freaks.

Now there are those who will overeat on most anything. Hyperpalatable would be preferred, but may be rejected due to cost, calories, whatever, but the desire is already started. The cause may lie in a emotion, a situation, or something that we do not know how to deal with, or the way we dealt with it was less that ideal, some fact of life is giving us an angst. Overeating has been our past habitual method of dealing with the problem. Now what? Some people want to talk about it, other of us want to find a solution to _______________,( 'other peoples stupidity' or fill the space)  or some other unsolvable problem. There is no solution to some problems, situations, places, people, things. Thing are the easiest to deal with: it is not there fault, they cannot act on there own, other than to follow natural forces. Fluids drip, cylinders role, gravity sucks. Nothing happens unless I do it. 

Perhaps we need a more useful definition of food addiction: continuing to consume a damaging food product which you know is damaging, when you have a choice to use an alternative safe food produce. Or is that a definition of insanity?

But what do I know?

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