Sunday, June 29, 2014

God, as a concept

First, let me say that my belief system does not require anyone to believe as I do. Having said that, unless logic and rational thought become the dominant thought processes, there is no hope for world peace, or even a few days without war going on somewhere. Oh well. shit happens.

The stoic used "god" as a handle for a group of concepts. They considered consciousness and reason, logic, as a sliver of divinity, part of the vine of the whole of logic. Also god was the forces of nature that had created all. The word was used, for also Roman Empire required that all citizens honor their god, and use of the word, without saying god does not exist, was enough to keep out of trouble much of the time. The stoics concept of god was very different that the Roman's, who attributed power to the gods. 

The stoics saw prayer as speaking to one's self. Giving the self a lecture, if you like. They saw it as being useful to reset our own attitudes and beliefs, not for asking for favor. One should look after that which is within our own power, ascent, judgement, decisions, desires, impulses, to influence our life and body, for we are three, body, mind, and life. Is this similar to the holey trinity?

Non-thesis belief seems most logical, rigorously honest, and most likely to be correct. With separation of beliefs and facts, separation of what is within our power, what we can influence but not control, and that which no one influence or control, we gain a great deal of understanding. Defining  what is important in to us in life, also builds recovery capital.

This is forming part of my morning prayer, but what do I know?

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