Friday, June 27, 2014

Rub a dub, three concepts in a tub... MA 12..3

"Your three components: body, breath, mind. Two are yours in trust: to the third alone you have clear title." Red bird addition.

We are entrusted with our body and our life, to act as stewards, only our consciousness is ours. With consciousness we can only accept proposals, and thereby control our beliefs, our desires, our impulse to act, but not our actions. We are not responsible for our memory, as this is body. We are not responsible for our desire to consume for this is body. We are responsible for allowing our life to get in the state where we can consume, for this is stewardship of our life. It is stewardship of our life together with our facility of ascent that gives us successful stewardship over our body, or not?

Thus endith the lesson for today. Say what.

Combined with what we have control over, and what we have influence over, and what we have no control over, how does this all help the situation?

And thinking makes it so. Some we win, some we lose, and something are just irrelevant. My belief system does not require that you believe as I do. Rational. Say what? And once more we have a trilogy. More real than the father, son, and the holy ghost.

I worked for a company where we called the partners the father, the sun, and the wholly ghost. One was bright, one was never where he was supposed to be, never finished anything on time, and would give away work, and left the rest of us to figure out how to do it with a too small budget. The other always had to have everything his way with no waste. I was young then, life was fun then.

Now life is to be lived before we die. And when all this makes scene, let me know. But what do I know?

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