Monday, June 16, 2014

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A summary without any extended unsuccessful experience of food addiction:

The problem with OA, FA, FAA, all 12 step, is they rely on a god concept, but most god concepts are not rational nor take into account modern education. So how effective are these programs?

The wash out rate, those that come in, look around and leave, without figuring out the program is high, I would guess over 90 percent, having hung around for quite a few years. That leaves less than 10 percent that come and stay active in the program, and at time 0. For success, there must be recovery in the group.

Those that stick around for a year and get some recovery, then go out and maintain their recovery is like around 25 percent of those that leave, and about the same come back. Many of the others fall back to pre-contemplation and are lost from recovery. The program can have a lasting effect on those that have emotional, stress, boredom, inactivity, anger, control, issues as well as food addiction. It does not help normal eaters with no portion control or lack of food knowledge, food environment issues, but may force a closer look at the situation.

Those that come in, get a sponsor, believe in and work the steps generally recover, that is learn to live with their problem. It is not a fix, but is dependent on maintenance of a suitable attitude and behavior, which previously, we did not have. I would like a complete fix for the problem.

I go to program because it is a extended social network of people with eating/food issues and it seem to help. There is  much information in those rooms about food and the problem, some understand the problem as well, other just what they did to get recovery.

It is my opinion that the program will fragment further. The program need to get current, and provide a real cure.I accept that if we had a real cure, but we may need a lifetime of additional support,  updates, as we resolve additional issues. We also need to recognize that some people talk their problems to death, looking for a softer easier way.

but what do I know?

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