Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Learning to live, sanely, in an insane world

Learning to live, sanely, in an insane world, is a simple description of what this total reprograming is really all about.

We need to define, for ourselves what constitutes living sanely, and what insanity we are exposed to and have been exposed to. Cultural, environmental, social sanity must be explored, along with behavioral insanity. Culture of our ancestors, and even our extended family, co-workers, and our neighbors may not be sane. First we need to define what sanity means to ourselves.

The world and her people are in a state of flux, rapid flux. Stop the world, I want to get off, is the cry for help. Now I must make sense of all this change and upheaval in my world and consolidate my views, rid myself of cognitive dissonance, and come to peace with nature, world nature, human nature, my specific nature, cultural nature, environmental nature, economic nature, social nature; the total world outside myself that I live in, and then within myself, the mind, reason and logic. All else is just the world insanity. None of my business.

So  I was wandering the net an found



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