Saturday, June 17, 2017

Equal Rights

I do not have a problem with equal rights, I do have a problem with others telling me what I am going to do, and believe. There is no gods, no souls, no afterlife. You can believe what ever foolishness you wish to believe, but do not try to force it on me, or put it in my face, else it will be back onto you, hard.

Equal right for the gays is fine, but what they want is not equal but superior. The two spirited peoples make up something less than 10% of the population, and are not going anywhere. If they wish to play at marriage, well, it is easier to let them than resist, as marriage has become something that most do not take seriously anymore anyway. Originally, it was intended as one of the method of better odds at reproduction and survival of the children. The other plan of nature is to spread lots of " seed " and hope for the best. The second is looked down on by the more stable agrarian cultures but preferred some cultures and individuals. To which do you belong?

The idiot muslims seem to thing that they have the right to push their views onto others, and christians also to some extent. They are wrong, that simple. We also have the right to resist and to strike back. But they do not have those rights; equality and equal rights makes that right impossible, else we will be at war. Muslims want all us non believers dead, according to there quran. Oh well, there is no god, no souls, no afterlife. It is all just superstition and old cultures.

So the next question is should those of us who have been freed from the chains of religion, and move on, be around those who are still stuck in those old cultures? Should we stick them every time they push their beliefs out in public or at us, or be polite and keep quite? When they praise their god publicly, we can ridicule them, I think. They raised the concept, pushed it on us, so we push back. That is equal rights.    

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