Monday, June 26, 2017

Stopped Caring

I have stopped caring about how wrong other people are. It is not my concern if they are delusional, they will just carry on into the walls, or where ever they end up. Dead likely. We all end there anyway. Let us look at the extreme case, so that we can see this more plainly.

They may continue to use drugs, as much as they want, live in delusion and why should I care, they do not hear a word I say, so why should I care? If they wish to use fentanyl and/or carfentanil, why should I care, just prepay the funeral cost and get on living.  It is as Epictetus suggests, "when you kiss your child good night, reminder yourself that this may be the last time" or some such negative visualization, and then you will not be hurt as much when or if it really happens. So what if the case is just a delusion?

I have learned there is no god, but it is not my place to teach this to others unless they start pushing their beliefs, and then I rebel. Any public ...."Let us pray" ... is a assumption that we all are christian or something. They as well should sacrifice a chicken, then we could eat at least. In the public setting, That is an invitation to respond in a negative way, a non christian way. Face backwards, or east, or sit or something. Yet why go into a christian house and refuse in an obvious way. If you go into a christian home willingly, behave as acceptable to a christian even if you do not believe.

There  is no god. the only god exists in the mind of the believer as a delusion, for there is no evidence of one existing. Yet saying that I am atheist seems to be an open invitation for the evangelist to try to change or correct my view. Not any more, for I shall stand my ground. Give me physical proof or fuck off.    

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