Saturday, June 24, 2017


Pronounced:  wizzy wig 

What you see is what you get. This was a term from the early days of computer and html editing. It also applies to atheism. It is reality, no life after death, no afterlife, no judgement, no god, no soul. WYSIWYG. That it, that's all. It is up to any religion to prove there is more before I could believe.

I meant to save not post, oh well. WYSIWYG, what more need to be said. It says it all. The whole world of concepts is just that, a world of concepts, ideas, day dreams. Religion have the same foundation as do comic books, graphic novels, fiction of any kind, and the like. The bible and quran mix in some history, so they become historic novels. So if it is not real, it may fiction, mixed with a few true facts, but how does one separate facts and fiction presented as fact. Then, on the other hand, what does history have to do with our present actions? We see how other did something, and what was the outcome? Tomorrow? Did they all survive to see another day? Were they the same people, or were they forever changed and not for the better? Those two "holy books" are filled with vial actions and deeds,  which should not be repeated. That is the secrete lessons in the books. Never do what is written about. WYSIWYG.

WYSIWYG is a real philosophy. It is the philosophy of atheism, there is no god, and as proof, WYSIWYG. There is no soul, WYSIWYG. There is no afterlife, WYSIWYG. It is up to the religious to show me otherwise.

You can fuck with the brain by concentrating on one thing for extended time, or practice talking to an imaginary friend or council until you think they are real. These are not WYSIWYG. Learning critical thinking, ABCDEFG, and most people do not get beyond B for biases, WYSIWYG leads to clean thinking and all the way to G, good, goal, the plan, virtue as the old greeks called it. It is all dependent on what you think. 

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