Sunday, June 11, 2017

Race vs. Culture.

Races are different and do exist. That is a fact. Different cultures behave differently. Race and culture are consistent, interlocked within a community. So is it a racial issue or a cross culture issue? How do we separate the two? Culture is a function of habitual behaviors, generational behaviors, and usually within one race. So when we say it is a racial issue, is it a racial or a cultural issue? I suggest that the US black/white issue is cultural as is the Canadian white/Indian problem. As a white who has been "run off a reservation", I will say that the Indian culture is an old and non adaptive culture who likes to think that being here first, well at least a few of there ancestors, gives them special status, and the right to be kept. Our ancestors agreed with there ancestors, but then they reproduced like rabbits. Now there is a problem. Can we afford to support the Indians in a style to which they would like to be accustom?

The government can sit back an import any number of groups, Syrians, or Boat People. They do not mix, but rather establish ghettos or enclaves. These separate culture communities, like the Indians are hostile to the surrounding white communities, one culture, one religion, one race. Race is used as a visual identifier. Some we can spot a mile off, as soon as we can see them. When the Indians cause problems, we do not want to be around them. The government has different rules for handling them so we and they do not mix, willingly. Our Indians have a light fingered culture, it is there culture. It is also there culture to like the drink, and to trust the predators and take risks. And then they wounder why so many of there ladies turn up dead. Predators exist, and there culture will suffer until they individually take responsibility for themselves. Is that racist or reality?

The white culture is vial, brutal, aggressive, no compassion, no understanding, but we are the dominate culture. The business person must be so to survive. Bigger companies and government are more humane, for they need employees to survive. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.     

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