Friday, June 2, 2017

trump, Climate Change Denier

trump Climate Change Denier, I will no longer give trump any respect, Christopher Higgins did to god.

I do not understand his position.

He is unwilling to chance economic damage from addressing the whole climate change issue?  The remainder of the world will be screaming "go home Yankee" once more. This attitude of bullying is not going to help them in the least. The future of the world is at steak and you are looking out for yourself. You can die alone, as no one will buy your products. 

He does not believe human activities are increasing Co2 levels. Just look at our production of Co2, and the take off in the mid 1960. Co2 is proportional to the population, at least crudely so. Green technology will be the future in some form. Conservation, and green energy production, along with life style requiring less carbon footprint.

He does not believe warming climate is caused by rising Co2 levels. Science proved this in 1974.

So I do not understand trump. If we as a civilization are going to recover, or perhaps even survive, we will need to act together, tolerance, and education of the third world level peoples, even those living as the third world in Canada, Natives and street peoples. Welfare are not included, even though they have nothing, they live with heat and water, sanitation, communications, and the like. I just do not understand trump. He has the right to do as he likes, but bad press gets him Kathy Griffin pictures.

What is there to understand about the irrational beyond they are irrational. So who is the leader of the free world now? Not trump. Angela Merkel? Not Theresa May.

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