Monday, November 19, 2012

Dignity of Choice

Tonight, I feel obligated to write about the pamphlet, Dignity of Choice. Having spent many evenings studying food, nutrition, and human requirements, along with a bit of other things, I can say that it is my opinion that this document is worse than useless, and actually harmful. It would turn off many who have struggled with there food issues.

In a effort to not offend, to extend the hand to all, it has removed the teeth of following a food program. It is written for the mathmophobic, and stops short of providing any useful information for either guiding diet, weight loss, or recovery. The plans of eating provided do not identify and address any of the issue of food addictions.

People with addiction to sugar should have no sugar plan, and nothing that turns into sugar. Their low carb plan is moderate carbohydrates, and low fat. No one could stay on it for long. It lacks understanding that we have two energy source, carbohydrate of fats. We must get adequate energy of one or the other. Fats will reduce hunger, carbohydrates will increase hunger. It has more protein than I need, a 5'10 male need, which will raise insulin and glucagon and hunger. Not well laid out plan. It does not provide adequate information to design or adjust a diet. This is essential for recovery, and unavailable from public funded sources here.

It does not address the chemical addiction nor the behavioural addiction. We need to address the actual condition to be of quick help.

And above all else, keep coming back.

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