Wednesday, November 7, 2012

meme systems

A meme systems, a series of memes that form a philosophy, are just that, a group of concepts that work together to form a philosophy, or religion. As long as the meme system is useful, great, but when the society changes, the meme system must also change, be abandoned,   or just remain stagnant and die out. Those are the choices, what else is there?

The god meme system is on it's way down, although it may take many generation to die out. It will be replaced by a more logic based, science based, belief system. We have the time to think about what is required with the system. I see it more as a Linux thing, many people will bring bits, and it will combine, to become the truth, after testing and rejecting the untruths. 

We need to clean up our past indiscretions, first by identifying, and not continuing to do them, and then right the wrongs of the past. How to do that is not clear. Perhaps others have better ideas in that regard. It is not right to expect the next generation to pay for the political mistakes, the efforts to fix a broken system that was failing, or that cannot work. Perhaps it is simpler to let people starve rather than keep feeding them, if they are unwilling to produce. The northern Indian populations want to live where there is no work, and be fed from the south while they reproduce as fast as they can. It is not workable, and will not last. There is no solution that satisfies everyone.

The obesity problem is similar. We must only eat metered meals. There is no other choice. We need to do it willingly, but we deserve the truth. Carbohydrates, especially sugar, fructose, glucose, lactose drive appetite. Work backwards, limit carbohydrates, and proteins that can become carbohydrates. Control our weight with fats. Duh. Low reward small meals. No SGO6EEH ( H -hormones)

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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