Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Location, Location, Location

Where is the problem spot for overeating? and why?

Any more I eat at home most of the time. That way I can stay away from SGO6EEH much better. There are some issues with that also. Temptation to overeat, but at least it is real food. Enough good fats keeps the hunger in check, but what about temptation and cravings? They are worst at home in the evenings.

One method is to never be home except to sleep. It is neither the time, nor location. Both must be present for it to be a problem. Exhaustion is the factor that pushes both together. Perhaps there is a solution of getting up early in the mornings, then by 8pm, lights out. It would work except I like to watch a bit of TV, and go out the odd evening to a meeting or something.

Chatting on the phone does not do it for me, I need to be out, away. By evening, I have no interest in anything much left. Getting older makes a difference. I just get tired, and lose interest. Before TV, there was much more local social interaction. Now, we just isolate, shut down, and displace social with quasi social electronic entertainment, or a few read. No more social, even for us low social types. Some of us are not really chatty, and just keep our mouths shut and go away to avoid conflict.

I was at an OA meeting the other day that I watched open conflict, and an emotional breakdown. After, I had to ask myself, why do I keep going? All these raw women, and a few seasoned mature people, with sharp edges from all the grinding. Is it worthwhile? Am I getting enough out of it? But yes, I keep going back for those few who are working the program, inside the program. Living the program is at the meetings is difficult some days.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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