Monday, November 19, 2012


Should mediation be raised to tool status? I understand that there is a young girl world service that will not rest until there are 12 tools as well. Should mediation be raised to tool status?

Some say prayer is telling god, and mediation is listening to god. Prayer never seems to help me much, but mediation does. Mediation is often just clearing out mind, stopping thinking, and concentrating on just one thing, often free of time. 

Mediation in all it's different forms can range from mindfulness, to mind blanking concentration, to concentration on just one thing. It can last a few seconds or minutes, to several hours, or in some cases, general through out the days, one day at a time, for the remainder of life.

Currently, I am rereading the Power of NOW, a book essentially on mediation, without using the term often. It is brings us to a meditative state quickly, without years of practice. It is in modern terms, and also contains Eckhart Tolle philosophy. Although I do not entirely agree all, it is general right as far as he goes, and is only questionable in a few places. When we look at where the words point, sometimes, the same idea also impacts other items that are of a bigger issue to me than where he found them. But there is a lot in 240 pages.

Other sources of simple mediation can be found in Jon Kabot Zinn, or numerous Buddhist traditions. 

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