Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rant about diversity

I am just back from an intergroup meeting where lost of good stuff got said. It strikes me that it is a wonder this has hung together, but if we do not, we will just hang separately.

Everybody has different food programs, and different views on how food programs should be described, how much science should be involved. Some people are really adverse to any food science. As an atheist, the food science is my god; that, and anything that produce attitude adjustment. I need both. I need to be rigid about not eating SGO6EEH, and others feel it is too rigid, and claim that none causes a feeling of derivation. I do not feel deprived after I recognised the danger of these foods, I feel like I escaped a government and food industry that is trying to kill me off so they do not have to pay old age security to me.

The avoiding of wheat has never cause deprivation after finding it causes hunger like feeling, addiction, GERD, psoriasis, bloating, inflammation distress, some arthritis, as well as weight gain. If in doubt, read Wheat belly. That should relieve a feeling of deprivation.

Fruit and fructose, sugar, is evil in so many ways, just watch Lustic's Video, or read Sugar Shock, or White and Deadly.

Deprivation is a sign of not too much willingness to do what is necessary. If you want recovery, without willingness, oh well, grown up and take responsibility for the hoeing. If you pray for potatoes, you must be willing to pick up the hoe.

Some of the personalities, including my own are just nasty. A question came up that could cause concern about future of the intergroup, to be or not to be. It is all generated about concern as to why we are not retaining people, why abstinent is shaky for so many of us. It is my opinion that so many define abstinent so tightly that failure is assured. We each need to define it in a way that we can work toward a more reasonable body weight, and be able to maintain it.

I have an concern with those who are so easily from one food program to another. It is ok to change, until we find something that works for us. Some do not not like a "boring" food program, or a "restrictive" program, both of which work for me.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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