Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dissatisfaction with life in general, other persons, places, things, bored, frustrated, halt, hungry, angry, lonely, tired are all reasons for change in our lives, not to eat, even if our first reaction is to eat. It is difficult avoid temptation if there is food readily available, and we are in any stress state.

Boredom, anxiety, stressed, or a situation when we are forcing ourselves to do something we do not want to do, are difficult if food is present. The easy change is to move myself to somewhere there is no food present. Ideally, we should always be doing something we want to do more than eating.

Desire to do something makes a big difference in our attitude when we are doing it. Right now, in my life, there is little that I want to do. That is a problem. This general discontent that I feel is not good, it drives me to food. So what do I want to do? There in lies the problem. Very little. But I need to want to do something. Some days I can keep busy, but I have no desire to do much.

Overcoming the negatives is the first step. Developing desire to do something, the willingness to do, and the willingness to what is necessary, are the necessary steps. OA does a good job of addressing history, but less so if the emotion is current. Therein lies the weakness in the program, it has no formal method of dealing with current time, beyond a sponsor. Writing does provide some outlet.

Essentially, the work that I did was not what I wanted to do, but portions were not objectionable. But then, I never really wanted to do much. Oh well. I have the choice to accept or change. I need a objective in my life.  

I do not have a feeling of derivation, when not being able to eat something. I know how dangerous  GMO foods, and SGO6EEH are, unfit for human consumption. Paint them green or blue as a sign of not fit for humans, as they did during WWII. Could be getting this information out to people who want it be my life's calling? But there all those who object, argue. I do not care what they eat, I am just about the information.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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