Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Do You Grow an Overeater?

How does one grow an overeater? This starts out like a questionable joke. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

But seriously folks, how do you train a infant/child to become an overeater? Easily, I think.

Every time they cry, feed them. Every time they are stressed, feed them, rich, sugary food. Every time they have a tantrum, feed them. Resist bed, feed them, and give them wheat, potatoes, gravy.  Every time they get cranky, feed them. Keep lots of rich, fat, starchy and sugar treats around the house, freely available. Lots of proteins, prepared meats, just ready to eat. Lots of pies, cookies, doughnuts, fruits, nuts, ready for the crew and kids. 24/7 smorgaus board. Encourage uncontrolled eating, and make it possible, even expected. Soon they will expect it, want it, and use it to stuff feelings, especially if the parents are always busy, working, cooking, and the kids are left to there own entertainment, and often left alone.
Isolate the one you want to make fat, to cause ongoing stress, to make it worse.

Now the young adults must retrain themselves. This may or may not be successful. It may take considerable time, effort, perverseness, and the outcome may not be what is expected.

One of the powerful methods of correction is some form of spiritual awaking, a new awareness, and new attitude toward life. What this may involve is anyone's guess. It can take the form of tremendous personality upheaval. They (I) became someone else, and my true authentic self began to emerge from behind the parental imposed collective expectations. The science is strong, but the direction is not clear yet.

Thank you for reading. Any opinions / suggestions?




tess said...

compelling theme, Fred! i think a lot of things have pushed modern society toward being food-obsessed, so that we look at eating as entertainment rather than as sustenance!

FredT said...

Thanks Tess: Entertainment, availability of food, affluence, ease of eating, no prep, low physical demand, electronic media constant commercials, change in society due to electronic media's, changes in society and human adaptation not keeping pace, and the list goes on. We can adapt given the time to develop the required philosophy.