Friday, December 14, 2012

Stoic's and Overeating

What would a stoic think of the modern issue of overeating?

Yes, the Stoic's, back 2m in time, where a few nobles in Rome had a overeating issue. Logos had the issue down to overconsumption, and the thinking of the subjects. The solution was to change the thinking, and end the problem.

Logos is a concept of "the natural laws" or the word of nature, or the laws of nature, as understood at the time. It contained much wisdom, and something like the serenity prayer, but first is it outside of our control, than accept it, if it is in our control, accept or change it. It is all about figuring out if we have control of not. We have no control over our bodies, only our will, beliefs, and some thoughts  and some actions.

Death was an ever present issue at the time. There are many things worse than death. Slow, painful death is one, as is suffering until we die. Both worse than death, OK. Now consider obesity as a major factor in a slow painful death, worse than death. So then the behaviours that lead to obesity are worse than death. Therefore, overeating and eating in response to cravings are worse than death. Use that as a motivator to stop overeating and eating to satisfy desire. Desire is the enemy. "At the table before consuming, look upon on these dead plants and animals before me and meditate on death a bit."

As a Stoic, such thinking should have empower anyone who enjoys life. The Stoic seem to define joy differently than most. They use a negative definition. Joy does not contain anxiety or suffering. This is includes the near neutral area, which contains most living time, not just the high of modern joy. It is much easier to live in Stoic joy.

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