Sunday, December 2, 2012

OA Meme

In preparation for this upcoming workshop, I have been doing a bit of reading. It has become apparent to me that the OA organization guidelines hinder adoption of newer understanding of the disease, as they prevent the dissemination of newer information. Oh well. They do provide for a relief from social isolation, caused by the personality's that typically become overeaters and made worse by the electronic communications that enable productivity without human contact.

It has become apparent to me that we OA people appear to be comprised of two separate populations: those who have a endocrine or chemical addiction to specific foods and those who have a behavioural addiction. There are those too, that have both, like myself.

The chemical issues must be cleaned up first. It is my current opinion that these are exorphin addiction. These are a group of chemicals that drive us to eat more, and to seek then out. Abstinence from these chemicals is the first step, followed by developing integrity to never intake these again. (No SGO6EEH)  It is a natural genetic characteristic carried to excess in a world that these exorphins are plentiful in. To recover, we need overcome our nature, to change. In addition, the food industry is aware of this human behaviour and is exploiting this increase sales. That is likely one of the main cause of the current obesity epidemic.

Behavioural addiction is also a mater of identifying, displacing the behaviour with a better behaviour, but neither is easy. (Schwartz relabel, reattribute, refocus, revalue) or (psychological strategic, describe and replace).

OA, at the group level, still provide me with the extended social benefit, and occasionally gives me the opportunity to spread my message.   

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to post your own thoughts or opinions on this subject or any other.

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