Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tolle Trinity

Tolle does not express the same trinity, but he does separate consciousness from the mind which constructs the ego, a reflection of the expectations of others. It is not hard to relate consciousness with some that we may call spirit.

When something impinges on our ego, we generate strong negative emotions. It is not hard to relate our emotions to the ego and the ego to the past. Knowing that allows us to apply our consciousness to look at what generates the emotions, and see that we could not live up to the unrealistic expiations, hopes of parents, that we would be the ideal child, as each of them hoped for. All different, all beyond any possible achievement. They expressed disappointment. The ego is just collective reflections of others, parents, grand parents, teachers, coaches, others. We can accept that and let it all go, or we change our egos. Either way we end suffering. Score one more for Tolle.     

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