Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Self Abuse

Last night we went out to some friends. They all know I have food issues. For four hours, I was forced to sit in front of food, and not overeat. It is just abuse, self abuse. Why go? Yetties. There cry, eat, eat, and in Polish, yets, yets.

For me, it is this damn christmas season, and there is nothing good about it. Food pushers. Stupid, rushed, aggressive drivers, not showing any good will. They are more aggressive than usual, likely due to being in a rush.

Going out around foodies is a bad thing for any compulsive eater, whether they have a chemical issue, behavioural issue, or temptation issue, food knowledge issue, or any of the others.

Enough said. this is the last year of self abuse. No more.  

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