Thursday, January 2, 2014

Broken People Get Recycled 1

Recovery Process
Through rigorous honesty, I recognised that the first step is backwards, a life that we cannot handle is the cause of addiction, just pick the substance. It is that unmanageable life, our thinking primarily, but also our behaviours and emotional management that we need to relearn, but correctly this time, to recover.

The program is intended to pick up individuals from the human scrap pile, dust them off, and perhaps pound our a few of the major dints, straighten us out a bit, give us a few tools and set us lose. Is that enough? Perhaps some of us need to be rebuilt from the ground up. A off frame restoration. A total overhaul. We are the badly damaged ones. Internal, spiritual, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Yes, I said spiritual twice, it is that important. In fact, spiritual, philosophical, and knowledge are interconnected, and may be different parts of the same thing. We also need to look at our attitudes, behaviours, feelings, actions, beliefs, and all those other soft learned items. Neuroplasticity is real, and we can clean out our brains, relearn basic things and start building from there.

The program attempt to foster a spiritual awaking, a new way of thinking, a philosophical change, sufficient to bring about a end to the problem. It is this change in beliefs that has the trickle down effect to change our behaviours. Before I make the decision to make this changes, it would be nice to know what was going to change, but since that is in the future, I cannot know. We must go through life without fear or too much hope for the future, and without regret for the past. It is not wise to build expectations of the future. I also recognise that others live for the hope, rather than for the now.

So in the morning (when wake up alive) I ask "what created all this?" I can say "the sum of all natural forces of the past and present", which I know will continue just the same into the future. It is the forces, unseen, but feel-able, that I rationalize as god. His will, natures will, the sum of the skills and abilities, that must be followed. So forward we must go into time, without knowing what will happen. We can avoid some of the traps that we already know about, but not those we find along the way. The difficulty is the pushing of others, when we know it is just wrong. We may need to make those tough decisions, and step back from the known, and choose the unknown. Do what is more right, rather than the more convenient.

Be well, eat real food, breath deeply, smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish


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