Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Children at meetings

Our sunday meeting has a new mother who would like to bring her child to the meeting to eliminate the need for child care. My opinion on this follows, and applies only to pre-toddler children.

A pre-toddler child at the meeting is not going to effect the recovery I obtain at a meeting. My rate of change at meetings is very low.

A pre-toddler is not going to effect me caring the message to others in a significant way.  If it does not effect my ability, it is not likely to impact others much either.

Banning pre-toddler will remove the possibility of caring the message to the mother. This is a for sure situation.

I would be very reluctant to say many things if a toddler or more was in the room. It is unclear when defining moments start to occur.

So I will be voting to allow pre-toddlers to attend as long as they are relatively quiet.

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