Saturday, January 11, 2014

Where does one start?

Where does one start in the program? Where you are.

Big book, pg 569  The purpose of the program is to foster a change in thinking sufficient to bring about a end to the overeating problem. This can be said and done in many ways, program, education, training, spiritual awaking, personality change, food study, philosophy ... pick one or more... which is sufficient to bring about change to ordered eating from disordered eating.

Or sufficient change in thinking, feelings, behaviours, (Physical, Emotional, {Mental or Spiritual or Philosophical}) to leave specific food out of our eating plan: sugars, wheat, grains, acellular carbohydrates, omega 6 oils, endorphins, endcanopioids, hormones, etc. I consider sugar, grains and O6 oils to be sweet tasting poison.

Or if you have a simple volume issue, three moderate meals each day, each and ever day. Some people fing weighting and measuring an alternate obsession, but it also works for some.

My life was unmanageable a that is what trained me to eat. Insulin, generated in response to carbohydrate intake, is a sedative. I liked to be sedated in unmanageable situations. I became conditioned to eat in response to anxiety, trauma, insecurity, harassment, bulling, etc. I survived, grew up and left that environment, but it took years to get out of from behind that early conditioning and it would be easy to slip back into it. When I venture back into that environment, those same conditioning remains in that obeseogenic environment, so I do not spend any time there, no more than necessary, and have eliminated all those obeseogenic custom in my own home, as much as I am able.

The first 164 pages of the big book, and OA stories are a good place to start. Food knowledge is required; however, that will take time to learn and sort real from fictional diets. Development of rigorous honesty, and a solid understanding of a real god concept was required for me. After that, my knowledge gathering took me into addiction recovery methods, psychology and philosophy. I followed the next obvious problem need to be solved. Perseverance, diligence, and study has led me around to many useful things.    

I, personally found that to deal with the known hyperinsulinema, - insulin resistance, I needed a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, aka HFLC, Paleo, Primal, type diet, and a full life between meals.

I am happy to answer any questions. Be happy, eat real food that you would have found in the 19 century, except acellular carbohydrates. Enjoy what life has to offer. (Daoish close)

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