Monday, January 13, 2014

OA Cult

OA is a cult, but it is a benign cult. The word "cult" has the same root as culture. Any culture is a cult, any culture that we wish do look down on is termed a cult. When we enter a program, we are entering an new culture.

A bit of gratitude like: may take us out of this thinking.

The purpose of OA is to change us to not wanting to eat or to provide us something else to focus on, to obsess about; a treatment process, a coping process, or a personality change. We deal with change in our thinking about food, eating and the world around us. We also need to change our behaviour and our eating. We need to make a decision, (1) do we want a form of recovery or (2) do we want to continue as before or (3) try something else. What other choice do we have? Death - That choice is not good either; it will come soon enough.

Try something. Get rid of the temptations and convent foods. Eat only "real" foods, stuff that would have been eaten a few hundred years ago, a few thousand ago. Stop the "forth" meal or cut meal size. Stop eating between meals. Stop eating sugar and/or grains and/or seed oils and/or fats (but we need some). Keep a food diary.  Do something. OA is about fixing the reasons we eat, so that unconsciously, physically, emotionally, socially, philosophically, we will not be pushed to eat. We need to change, in ways we have never before considered. Or get active, build muscle, burn energy, burn fat, do some for others.

I eat to much some days, I eat to be sedated. Insulin is a sedative. I do not want to feel, for then I would need to act, and I do not want to act, for those required actions are going to upset routine, and require effort and motivation. There is the problem, I am lazy now, not driven to physical action. That is lack of dopamine, lack of energy. Retirement has a down side, time to fill with other activities.

Be happy. Eat real food. Enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.


Andi said...

"Eating to be sedated, to keep from acting" - I "knew" this about myself for a long time, but yesterday when I realized I got up to go to the pantry when I was almost done editing a document, I was distracting myself from the feeling of being accomplished, of being done.

Eating well requires 24/7 awareness. HP help me.

FredT said...

Hi Andi

Yes, 24/7, plus learning to live in a hostile environment, and having a replacement to eating. Congratulate yourself for finishing. Personally, I would feel relief at the near finished stage. It is before starting that gives me the issue with documents.

Andi said...

Thank you.