Saturday, January 25, 2014

Change is a choice
Michael got me thinking about a book I read, Changing for Good. It deals with one cut of the stages and processes we go through in change and has some lovely points that help foster the change process.  

Smart manual also says Change is a choice. But the problem I struggle with is what do I need to change? Behavior is driven by desire, feeling and thinking. So what in my thinking do I need to change to make correction of this problem automatic? No sugar, grains, omega 6 oils, and a bunch of other poisons are not foods. That goes along way. But how do we deal with biological cravings that are persistent, that is do not go away. These just grind, cue, desire, craving... It is not low impulse control, it is high frequency of cues... high frequency marketing... 

And then there is to much available... all the time.

But what do I know?  

Perhaps it must come down to what Socrates said: Reason with passion must govern over desires. 

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