Sunday, January 19, 2014

In a Blinding Flash

Change in thinking, in a blinding flash of clarity. I is You, and you is equal to I, for this post. "I has seen the enemy, and We is him." This blog may go on a tangent for a while.

When we find something wrong in our thinking,
is it easier to figure out what is wrong and fix that
or to rebuild our thinking, foundation and upwards,
from first principles? Philosophically.

This may or may not be a hypothetical question.
Suppose that in the matter of a few weeks you could learn
to rebuild the core of your directing mind
into something that worked without problems? The construction of the inner citidel.

Suppose that in a few hard weeks you could
discover the answers to questions that haunted you for years?

Suppose that in a few more weeks you could learn
to change your life in radical ways,
would you be interested in having a look? I need to explore this for sure.

What is the foundation of thought? The discipline of judgement, the discipline of desire, the discipline of impulse, knowing what we have control of and what we do not, and knowing what things are.

What is the directing mind, or soul? It is the work product of the mind, separate from the sense gathering facility and the memory facility.

What is the discipline of judgement? it is the primary way of assent.

What is the discipline of desire?

What is the discipline of impulse?

What is good and evil, and indifference?.

What do we have control of in life, and what do we not?

What is god? God may be just a concept, or the sum of all forces including biological forces; it is also logic, reason and perhaps life, but life is a biological force.

What is the purpose of human life, how do you fit into the whole? Human purpose is to produce, to create, to learn, to explore, to understand, and to use that information for the propagation of the race and to support propagation.

What does security mean? Security is a concept, an idea, a feeling, it has no real component.  It grows from infant attachment. It is a feeling that all is well, that we have enough resources, enough of whatever. The ease of security come from needing little. 

When is it time to turn and charge the proverbial lion? When there is no longer any value in striving, when the end is inevitable, it may be better to make the end quick.

What is a adequate image of an real object, situation, action?
It is the mental object that our directing mind or soul sees, and passes judgement on. It is only a image that enters us, nothing physical. It can do nothing. It is us that does everything.

Will Rodgers said something like
"we are all ignorant of much, and know a little bit well."

Be happy, smile easily, eat real food and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.

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