Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cost Benefit Analysis

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Have you done a Cost Benefit Analysis on Overeating? (after SMART)

List everything under four categorizes, The Cost of Overeating, The Benefit of Overeating, The Cost of Not Overeating, The Benefit of Not Overeating, then consider short term and long term. Also note that everything that is a current benefit of overeating, which is not under not overeating must be somehow replaced. If Food is something your family socializes around, how are you going to replace that? Not socializing? Sitting in front of food, being tempted, and not eating... self torture?

Not everybody has all these effects. Those of us that do... oh well... and we wonder why failure is so common.

The Cost of Overeating
Weight up, health down
early death, perhaps... a benefit...

The Benefit of Overeating
 Increased feeling of personal security, and actually security
Sedation effect of food, we feel less
We are sedated ... less anxiety, less agitation, less emotion....
Overeating is a maladaptive coping skill for an unmanageable life
An activity to socialize around
A social subject of interest to many people, cooking, food talk... etc.
Life as it is, going with the flow to early death.....
early death, unless that is wanted, not suicide, self killing, but rather not wanting to live

The Cost of Not Overeating
 Special food cost, preparation, portioning
Learning to waste food
Learning to make food uneatable, soap, salt, pepper, Olive oil (I hate olive oil), sugar (poison) 
After meal get up and leave activity... until satiation develops...
Learning to reject food place in front of us by food pushers, the food must leave, or I leave.
Learning new adaptive coping skills, coping methods, and other skills
Learning about physiological food requirements
Learning about psychological body needs
Living both with phy and psy need only, without excess
Learning useful non-food methods of passing excess time 
Teaching other abusive idiot food pushers the facts or staying away 
Meetings, time, service,
Learning new activities to socialize around
Learning to live with cravings that do not go away. (some go, some cravings get worse)
Learning to cope with bating by assholes.

The Benefit of Not Overeating
Weight down, health increases
lower food costs, well maybe not, better food may cost more

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