Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Attitude is the outward expression
of personal philosophy.

So our attitude toward things,
beyond our control or influence
must be one of acceptance
and gratitude that it is not worse
if we are to remain serene.

... and the wisdom to know the difference.
Epictetus tells us what we have control over,
our judgements, our opinions,
and some violations.

If we are applying emotional regulation,
we have more control over our desires
and aversions.

We have influence only
 over our bodies
and many of its wants or desires.

We can influence it by what we put into it.
If we do not consider something food,
after a bit it will not be food,
and we will have no desire to eat it
or so they say,
but the trigger may still be there,
so we need to do a replacement activity,
say a salad to deal with craving or hunger.

It is a plan but will it work?

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