Saturday, October 12, 2013

Loss of conscious control while eating

Lack of conscious control for eaters
could describe a number of issues.

Lack of resistance to foods and food cues.
Lack of satiation after meals.
Pre-occupation with food.

If you suffer from all three,
You may be a "conditioned hypereater",
in the words of David Kessler.

Conditioned, aka we learned it,
from home, parents, school, others,
culture, TV, and food commercials,
from our body liking food,
and wanting more. Where ever.
We learned it, so now unlearn it.
But the food pressure is always
in front of  me. In my face.
Cues everywhere.
How do I get away from the cues?

Go back to work?
Hid in OA meetings? or other
food free environments?
Perhaps find a real food free place,
like McDonalds or Tim Hortons to hang out.

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