Monday, October 14, 2013

Conditioned Hypereating

Conditioned Hypereating

This is a wonderful term to
describe all forms of overeating.

The implication that it is all
learned behavior give both a
non-blaming approach and offers
method of solution of
unlearning / overlearning.

Food addictions, Stress/Anxiety Eating,
aka Emotional eating,
behavioral addictions,
carbohydrate/insulin craving eating,
wheat / opioid overeating,
are all learned behaviors.

We learned these, without
intending to learn them.
Now we just need to unlearn them,
or learn to eat reasonably.

Moderation is a myth,
when it comes to sugar,
fructose, wheat, omega 6 oils,
all manner of processed foods.
Processed foods are manufactured
with "bliss point" chemical methods.
We do not stand a chance of
avoiding becoming addicted
if we consume any of these products.
These are products, not foods.

Now we need to recognise
we need help to learn, and the
problem goes beyond just food.
We need to realize that much of
what we know is wrong.(1)
We need faith that a solution is available. (2)
We need to choose
to obtain that solution,
and then to use it. (3)
We need to understand ourselves,
and the world around us,
sort out real from fiction.(4)
This can be learned from others as well.(5)
But it remains up to us to choose (6)
and to implement. (7)
We need to clean up
our past errors in knowledge.(8)
and fix those things,
as best we can.(9)
We need to continue to
examine each food and
make appropriate choices,
always recognising we have
some wrong information(10).
We need to keep on learning,
both about food and ourselves.(11)
We need to pass this information
on to the next generation
and our community
for this information is important
to the survival of we humans.(12)

Problems with learned behaviors
may go far beyond food behaviors.

If you have any questions,
Please advise, and I will
give you my answer, not the answer.

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