Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rewrite the steps to suit

When new people come to the program,
they frequently try to rewrite the steps
to suit them,
without understanding the effect of the steps,
as they are.
Here is one more attempt.

My response is as follows:

Your step one is, as far as I am concerned, out to lunch.

I am a non-theist, inside OA, so I know nothing.
To me step one is admitting defeat,
and accepting that I need help,
not just with food choices
but with other areas of life.
This forces a teachable attitude,
and humility and need to listen
and understand.
This is the foundation for growth,
the search for knowledge,
wisdom and serenity.

When I came in,
I was a troubled person,
deep in ignorance, distrust,
self-sufficiency, greed of modern culture
and without any peace.
I was troubled physically and mentally.
I am now at peace with the world.
My belief system does not require
that you beleive as I do.
You can believe what ever you like.
Thank you for letting me vent.
Keep up the good effort.

I did not see the purpose in
going beyond that point,
as I have no clue as to
the purpose of his steps are.

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