Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What is god?

I was asked what I considered to be god
the other day and did not provide a clear answer.
The word god is a handle that is attached
to nebulous concepts of mythical objects
that have had numerous and diverse properties.
My beliefs change over time and
the study of science and philosophy.

The old Roman had a concept of logos,
a list of rules to live by, and that became
a belief system, and a value system,
which is a large part of any religion.

The issue with codifying is it becomes rigid,
and word a such dull pointers to a concept.
It is easy to go from
the concept to words,
but less easy to word to the concept.
Many groups of words
can describe one concept,
and remind us of other concepts.
And yet to a different person or time or situation
remind us of something different.

Consider step three,-- Made a decision
to turn our will and our lives,
over to the care of god, as we understood him.

This may imply there is only one gods,
and we each have a different understandings,
or there are many gods,
but then we have missed
what may be the important part
or not.

Turning out lives over to something
outside of ourselves
relieves us of all responsibility
for the past and the future.
It separates what we have control over
from that we do not have control over;
the future.
This relieves of anxiety and responsibility,
something that much of society
tries to place on us, which we cannot control
and therefore cannot have responsibility for.

There is much crap which
society suggest is up to us,
and yet on examination,
is beyond our control.

Science and Philosophy has become my god.
Science clarifies this much,
and admits we do not know everything,
and some of what we know is wrong.

Science tells us that when we consume food
we may like it, dislike it, or be neutral.
If we like it, our bodies may scream for more.
If we allow a positive response,
which we may have control over,
the screaming gets louder,
and we may lose the power of easy choice.

That is the issue of conditioned hypereating,
aka food addiction, behavioral addiction,
hyperinsulinemia, and perhaps
eating disorders.

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