Friday, October 18, 2013

Dividing Self and Group

Tradition 1 states :
Our common welfare should come first;
personal recovery depends upon OA unity.

Placing the group welfare
above our own welfare,
I think not. That is what
can be suggested from this step.
When we are newbies in the program,
depending on the program is fine,
but at some point,
we need to be able to stand
without the group effect of the program.
But as long as you need it,
fine, live tradition one.

We need to develop a full life,
not a different dependence.
At some point many of us make a decision;
life in the fellowship vs life outside,
all the while practicing what we have learned.

At that point we are no longer dependent
on the program, we have a fully developed
belief system to depend on.

But that was the point of view
at the time of writing,
that OA was the only way,
but it is not, now.
OA is a good way to offer
to teach others, to spread our
message, even when our message
exceeds what OA has to offer.

OA may need to get current
with the research or it will die out,
or become one more alternative method
in total recovery system.

My loyalty lies with me, not the group.

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