Saturday, October 26, 2013


A few of the old stoics were exiled. As one said, where ever I go, I find people happily and willing living. So why not I? And so he became the happy exile, living and prospering on some Mediterranean island.

So why do I not want to live on this "restricted" diet, that my people lived on for centuries? It is a mater of attitude. It is all about what I thing about the situation, not the situation. Yes, I have some form of conditioned hypereating, stress relief eating, conditioned into a general reaction, hyperinsulinemia and glucose beginning rapidly stored, or possible food addiction, or behavioural addiction, or a eating habit, emotional eating, or an eating disorder. But I can live nicely on low carb, which many people happily live on.

Essentially, this "restricted" diet does not let me eat low grade poisons, or possible addictive foods. See Grain Brain, or Wheat Belly, or The End of Overeating for more details. So why do I struggle with wanting to eat some banned foods?

Well one of the issues is they are in the cupboard, the refrigerator, and in dishes around the house. The wife does not have this problem and insists on having it around, just to temp me and torcher me. Now what is the solution to that. I have tried talking but that has made it worse. I am thinking a shot of bug spray. Any other ideas?

Breath, smile, and enjoy the wonders of life. Dao.

or just be pleased

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